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Beijing's Wangfujing Dawan Hotel (Beijing Wangfujing Dawan Jiudian) is located in downtown Beijing,  near the Wangfujing Commercial Area,  Tian'anmen Square,  the Forbidden City and Beihai Park.
Guestrooms of this Beijing hotel are equipped with television,  air conditioning,  telephones and refrigerators.   

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住客评论 1515条评论     3.8分/5分 更多
  • jinxiao0808
    Generally is can be, well, out of convenience, I am at home old man, out of the most important, very close to the subway to go past, high cost performance.
  • abc1390
    Advantage is the location very good, downstairs is dengshikou subway station, very close to walk to the Wangfujing. disadvantage is that environmental signals normal Unicom. but the price this place is OK.
  • xiaoliang9123
    Fine, it's good. 's near the Wangfujing.
  • e00180763
    Nice hotel, hotels and health needed to be improved.
  • blue_elaine
    It's OK
  • lubinbo
    No Windows, bathroom smell heavy. room old. had spent two days, can't stand, move the next day.
  • dudu1204
    Window also said arrangements are no Windows, good location, poor service at the front desk.
    Beijing Hotel had no Wi-Fi, really don't understand
  • ww428
    Poor hotel facilities, cost is not high, good location convenient.
  • xuweiguocn
    'S near the Subway Line 5 line, out of convenience, many shops around, shopping is not too expensive.
  • lollie
    A narrow corridor, rooms are small, the facility is old, the House has lived very uncomfortable
  • audi1019
    Hotel rooms are very small, smaller than imagined
  • rebeccas
    Good location, basic line
  • adongl1
    So so
  • GeneralTsai
    Book said to have Windows, staying only after know is within the window, and bad sound insulation is a Board divided into rooms
  • yougy69
    Convenient transportation, complete supporting facilities, lived in relative comfort, it is recommended
  • victor_leo
    Nice hotel, very clean
  • anniewang99
    Good location, easy to ride, health and service are good, satisfied!
  • biubiubiu
    Dengshikou subway station is the hotel, very convenient
  • AlangGuo
    Internal air
  • david17010
    Okay, that equipment is old! things old! Nice!
  • merlinsa
    Didn't say when the book is in the window, window in the corridor, and will not open inside taste too unpleasant toilet back, has two footprints on sheets, rooms not soundproof, air conditioning is a big hole, 220 is worth! bad review
  • e00737584
    Hotel very good environment is good also
  • ldddy
    Has always been loyal customers of the Han court, good location, very satisfying.
  • doctorjim
    Dawan hotel have rooms at times, this is the friend of a book. good location, convenient travel. facilities and some old, clean.
  • e00086507
    Location excellent, Metro station, opposite the airport bus, less than 300 metres from Peking Union Medical College Hospital, very convenient. night walk to Tiananmen Square at night, passing the Wangfujing. hotel belonging to the old hotel, facilities in some old, elder sister of rooms very good, kids dirty sheets, were to change. free door selection here is good
  • loumax
    General can!.
  • dianaliu1982
    Good location, clean and aunts are responsible for, but there is hair on the bed, face not clean
  • linan
    There may be, is the living room without window screens.
  • s4_cindy
    Which is very nice
  • Narcissusxu
    Feel particularly clean, warm, though a bit long, quite well to a healthy environment
  • afterlens
    Yes, extra day
  • e00782932
    This hotel made me more than 200 service very poor
  • gdgdgd2008
    It wasn't too bad
  • auaarons
    Near the hospital, a bit noisy.
  • cindy.cai
    In Wangfujing, a lively place! the hotel is very clean, breakfast was very good!
  • dinglin888
    Convenient to Concord hospital, clean, tidy, good!
  • disneyland
    Location is very convenient, just at the subway exit. Hotel quilt is too thin
  • pengliyun
    A waitress with glasses at the front desk was very patient, diligent and professional. September 17, gives us a lot of help.
  • admnu
    The location of the hotel is hard to find, very close to the Wangfujing Street, and easily accessible, only bad is that the room does not have a wireless network, which is short for young people now stay!
  • leoism
    Cheap hotel prices, the surrounding environment is good, service cooking equipment too long
  • tonneava
    OK Super hotel room services are not in place
  • bandpass
    Great location, good service, and health in General, is recommended.
  • dongdong460
    Four bed and breakfasts, traffic on the subway is convenient, with the elderly and children in General can be. Badaling 877 to the finish and then sat down inside a cable car, or really can't climb it! 943 to Beijing Wildlife Park to do high speed, coming back to slow train traffic time. There is the Summer Palace is well worth it.
  • Leo Xu
    Very old, like hostel. The only advantage is the location
  • Atomu
    This is the third day live, mainly to check at an intersection close to ten-floor heating water is relatively large, like five-floor
  • dericool
    Good location, staff friendly.
  • alintey
    1, hotel front desk waiter service attitude needed improved, more cold. was first in online set good, has payment, is standard between double bed, can a arrived Hotel Hou, waiter said no, only a Zhang big bed of room, also not with you explained, just a Deputy cold faces said no. Hou after a negotiations only for back original set good of room. 2, hotel facilities old, shop named have ring, actually looks is a small of old hotel, inside no WiFi, so live this shop to prepared enoughOf flow. room no hair dryer machine, first not said hair wash Hou cannot blow dry, caught up with Beijing Xia rainy day, clothes, about dry can't, no a hair dryer machine also really no, hotel this common sense are no. addition bathroom of fan is bad of, didn't people repair, bath also cannot closed, or to stuffy dead. 3, hehe, last checkout even room in of a bottle mineral water also is Shang money, really somewhat no good Ah. 4, this shop only of selling is away from Wangfujing more near, so on caught youPsychology: that's me, you can't live. the hotels around but plenty of more than than twenty or thirty Yuan, it is recommended that friends don't care about dozens of dollars or the other, that like me, an unpleasant journey.
  • anyan19800410
    Health is OK, but not sound, early in the morning has been ringing telephone check-in the next room and plug less but close to Wangfujing and dengshikou subway stations, travel more convenient, General
  • LamWinnie
    The transportation is very convenient, important is very close to Subway Line 5 line, turn to, public transport is also very convenient, good location, very close to everywhere