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"Georgian Culture Day" landing Beijing flyover summer Surprise

Date: 2013-08-06

Speaking of Georgia, many people will think of Stalin's hometown, think of Mao Dun's short story "Tbilisi underground printing house" and the beautiful birch. This has a long history and special charm of an ancient civilization, and China, although thousands of miles away, in the cultural and other fields is extremely close. August 3, by the Chinese Ministry of Culture and Monuments Protection of Georgia, sponsored by Ministry of Culture, China Arts and Entertainment Group hosted the "Georgian Culture Day" event Log Beijing Tianqiao Theater.

Grenada long history of friendship, the Silk Road 2,000 years ago that the two countries together. Chinese Ministry of Culture, Deputy Secretary Xie Jinying Outreach and Georgian Embassy charge d'affaires Alberto Chek ยท Card Lan first Asian In his opening speech praised the two countries established diplomatic relations 21 years in the political, economic and cultural cooperation achievements, hopes the two countries and the two peoples to further enhance understanding and trust, so that the grid of the international community in bilateral relations between countries of different sizes sincere friendship model.

Image of the country as a display, disseminate their national culture cultural activities, performances on National Culture Day is naturally not vague. That night on the stage, two national ensembles - Georgia Lu Sita Wei chorus and Adjara State (Batumi) ensembles to a very own ethnic song and dance show, is the capital of the hot summer viewers sent bursts of cool wind.

Georgia Lu Sita Wei choir was founded in 1968, and its revival shoulder the historical mission of national culture, has so far complete collection of more than 600 songs, and maintain their cultural identity in the process enrich cultural diversity and enhance the vitality of culture itself, footprints all over the world more than 60 countries, linking cultural bridge between Georgia and the world; Adjara State (Batumi) ensembles by the famous artist Enver Khabadze handedly created, designed Georgian folk dance tradition, high quality performances, content and performance style diversification famous, footprints all over the world-class art galleries. They performed "Imil library force", "Samaya", "Dayi La drum up", "Mana Ka Aoba" and other programs, one song after another wonderful and beautiful songs and dances in a field, carrying the Caucasus Mountains handsome British Gas and the Black Sea coast of the quiet romantic blowing, sometimes solicitous, sometimes gentle, pleasant, sometimes passionate waves, sometimes crooning shallow sing, dance, Georgia diversification transformation method and a unique style of expression is manifested vividly.

Stirring performances impressed the audience, a packed theater, often burst into thunderous applause and cheers. Many in the audience said that by watching the show, they have more understanding of Georgian culture, actors rich body performance, Georgian traditional flute, traditional stringed folk instruments such as the unique sounds impressive. Several of the older lady shouting excitedly from time to time, for the owner of a "Soviet Complex" them, this is a night full of surprises.