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Beijing Cultural Zone starts running

Date: 2013-03-19

Beijing, March 28 (Reporter Du Haitao) reporter learned from the Beijing Customs: Owen style arts and culture (Beijing) Co., imported from France, 592 oil paintings, furniture, statues and other cultural works of art, has successfully entered the Beijing Tianzhu Free Trade Zone . This is Beijing "Cultural Zone" officially inaugurated in March last year, the first batch of imported cultural artefacts into the area, marking the Beijing Cultural bonded has entered a substantive operational phase.

Beijing Tianzhu Evergreen Haitao Deputy Commissioner of Customs, the "Cultural Zone" practice outside the customs territory of regulation, imports of works of art in the bonded area, businesses do not pay customs duties, significant cost savings, ease of domestic and international market sales organizations. Previously, foreign cultural artefacts bonded service can provide only countries Switzerland, United States. Beijing "Cultural Zone" is the first Asian country to provide similar services as well as special customs supervision areas.