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Fun in the traditional living culture only in the "CAC · Beijing courtyard"

Date: 2013-07-14

July 13, located in Chaoyang Sunhe of the "CAC • Beijing (REF) yard" sales office was officially opened. It is understood that CAC Group (000,732, stock it) to get to the sales office from the grand opening, just after five months' time, whether investment or sales offices hundred million Chinese style of traditional Chinese culture perfectly into Habitat courtyard villa, are worth a looking.

Menting He Yi Chinese courtyard grand bloom

Shen Kuo once described his mengxi Garden: "Fishing in the spring, Fang Yu Yuan, pitching in shade between Motegi America, with entertainment in the minds of those who are blending: piano, chess, Zen, Mexico, Denmark, tea ... ... "The Chinese stacked mountains and water, construction yard in life reflected most vividly.

• Beijing Taihe yard [Articles names of all cases with double quotes. ], Into the essence of Chinese garden, cascading stone base, building water theme Hill Hospital atrium, to home ownership offers a landscape one of the landscape, and this landscape is not only the landscape but also create an atmosphere, more attention to the local conditions inherited the essence of traditional Beijing courtyard. • Beijing Taihe yard inherited traditional Beijing courtyard streets planning features fully learn Chinese garden "winding, the venue easily King" design approach, and winding streets, there are all kinds of shrubs and flowers are arranged on both sides, gives a deep sense of tranquility. Choose Beijing landscaped courtyard in the most characteristic lilac, crabapple, flowering plum, mountain peach, jujube, acacia trees, etc., flowers and trees, elegant and pleasant. State workers Dajiang also invited to the cultural mood of Heaven hardcover modern aesthetic courtyard. Flower clusters, pier, water and other landscape sketch embellished Lanting, the Beijing courtyard Habitat taste and exquisite high-end modern villas combine to make Chinese traditional cultural elements Habitat and the mood in the modern courtyard to get the perfect release, creating a unique Chinese style courtyard villas.

Shenxiang walls Broadwood Beijing Imperial nobility

With economic development and the continuous improvement of living standards, Chinese people experienced a requirement for residence to buy a house - buying environment supporting - buy lifestyle, then leap to finding spiritual destiny of evolution. Entrenched "natural" complex, the decision of the Chinese people from nature, to the nature go home life is bound to be there are days there is a natural courtyard.

As Beijing's most concentrated international ghetto, Central Villa District, Western-style residence has been playing too many endorsements, and now a greater need for central villa is inhabited by Chinese spirit. CAC • Beijing courtyard, with Chinese courtyard house, Beijing citizens of the world to provide a model of contemporary Chinese life.

Low-volume ratio gives "CAC • Beijing courtyard" wide open courtyard space to maximize the release of Chinese people's minds pro soil, pro-natural instincts and aspirations to live in harmony plot. In addition, the "custom hardcover courtyard" concept of practice, to subvert the Chinese people living in the established understanding of the villa will be the focus of life and activity space to move smoke tree shadows. Taihe · Beijing courtyard through the elegant streets, rich family, roof, deep walls, courtyards, halls square enclosure, progressive layers, to achieve the Chinese traditional houses of the "inward looking" courtyard space. Quartet enclosed pattern ritual sequence, a hospital and a sense of heaven and earth pass, so long trapped in the hustle and bustle of people, return to the natural world, enjoy the quiet and elegant, quiet Zhiyuan life interesting.

Low quality print classic waiting Favorites

CAC "yard line" on a high-end boutique positioning can be reflected from the site. From the "Canal shore yard" to "CAC · Beijing courtyard" from the "Millennium Chinese context treasures," the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal, to the "sights natural beauty," the Wenyu River, and both are perfect to create a classic plot, you can said CAC Group's "yard line" products, not only is the Chinese traditional architecture and modern interpretation of cultural landscape, it is best to Beijing veins collection.

Favorite print lots, build buildings classic yard line products as inheritance and sublimation, "Taihe · Beijing courtyard" to the essence of traditional Chinese culture, the courtyard and into the products and techniques, regardless of location or from architectural design are perfect. Location where the Beijing Central Villa District Wenyu River, the project covers an area of 58,888 square meters, total construction area of 64,777 square meters on the ground, the volume was only 1.1 in the "villa limit order" in the background, which is called "the last piece of pure land."

In the central villa inhabited by cosmopolitan atmosphere, Beijing courtyard represents not only the traditional Chinese, seen here is the living contemporary Chinese aesthetics. "CAC • Beijing courtyard" in the "yard canal bank", based on the set of CAC Group ten years experience in making homes, spiritual heritage of traditional Beijing courtyard, learn the essence of oriental aesthetics of various gardens, villas in bridging the central Chinese architecture blank Meanwhile, in Beijing citizen of the world in a new era of recycling Chinese courtyard house, set the clock and personality style print to both the collection model.