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Jiefang Daily Group 62nd Culture Forum held in Beijing

Date: 2013-06-24

To achieve the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, "China Dream", need a cultural act. June 23, Jiefang Daily Group 62nd Culture Forum into Beijing Han Meilin Art Museum. Former Minister of Foreign Affairs Li Zhaoxing, the CPPCC National Committee, China Federation Vice President Feng Jicai, Vice Minister of Education Hao Ping, a famous performing artist Pu Cunxin, Tsinghua Vice President Xie Weihe, CPPCC Standing Committee, the famous artist Han Meilin, the famous CCTV host Bai Yansong aggregation a total of "national revival culture play."

The great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation, is essentially a cultural renaissance. To this end, the current cultural forum of seven representative invited the guests to the cultural soul and Han Meilin Art ethos as the entry point, from literature, art, education, dissemination of different angles, focuses on the cultural significance of play era.

The ultimate goal of a civilized culture, and civilization is society's "positive energy", "soft power." In today's culture forum, Feng Jicai said: "The national revival not only economic prosperity, but also a highly civilized life a potbellied, were oil-rich but lacks a civilized society, it must be a social upstart No civilized self-discipline , civilized standards, the bottom line of civilized society, will act like a buffoon. "Pu Cunxin also believes that culture plays in fact, the pursuit of civilization, culture, aims to improve the nation's level of civilization.

One person believes that the culture of every nation "story": "Plato once said such a sentence, 'Who storytelling who control the world' for every nation, culture is the story of that nation." In today cultural pulpit, he three little story illustrates, culture is "a place famous for why", "why the spread of a traditional", "one thing why and useful" to the same three questions answers.

Culture plays not empty words, but is embodied in every person, every one of the words and deeds of social roles. As higher education workers Xie and that universities play in the national culture, the most important thing is to be out of ideas. However, "We are now the evaluation of the university, it seems more emphasis on a variety of indicators, often deviated from the university's role as a cultural act." Feng Jicai also advocates, intellectuals should become volunteers of Chinese culture.

Today's cultural forum, guests also how to enhance cultural awareness play, resulting in higher cultural achievements made specific comments. Li Zhaoxing by Han Meilin, for example, pointed out that "people first" and "the only motherland", "Boundless Learning" is the need to respect the tenets of intellectuals; Hao Ping believe that we must first cultivate a culture of play. In this process, not behind closed doors, but to go into public cultural spaces, into the cultural practice; Han Meilin, once again called for: to have cultural act, we must first respect culture.

Liberation of cattle, Sina, Tencent, Phoenix conducted on the current culture forum live video, Shandong TV carried live recording.

In this cultural forum organized the same day, also held in Beijing Han Meilin Art Museum two opening ceremony, Han Meilin Art Foundation inaugural ceremony, Tsinghua University graduate arts education and practice base opening ceremony.