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Small needles embroidered new life into Beijing Guizhou non-heritage boutique

Date: 2013-07-12

Recently, the "2013 Colorful Guizhou ethnic folk arts and crafts into Beijing" event opened in Beijing, a group of non-material cultural heritage of Guizhou boutique audience. It is reported that the event has been held in the third year. 2011 inaugural event focused on the introduction Miao silver and embroidery, batik theme exhibition this year compared. Our reporter Zhao Jing photo

Guizhou is one of the largest province of the country inhabited by the Miao. Hmong art of embroidery has a long history, the Qing "civilized Prefecture" and there were Hmong women "can weave Miao Jin" records. Songtao Miao Autonomous County Miaoxiu rigorous composition, bright, Miao women through a rich and kaleidoscopic color line stitch, embroidered figures, animals, landscapes, birds and flowers, fresh and agile, the most popular. 2006, Songtao Miao embroidery was included in the first batch of national intangible cultural heritage. Today, Songtao Miao embroidery has been out of the village, to the world.

Build a platform

2005, in Shi Liping handed CPPCC proposals call for "Let ethnic embroidery products to the market", the Wei peach horsetail embroidery crafts shop opened quietly in Sandu County. August 2006, held in Guiyang "two race", as she provides a stage to display their talent. Wei peach with superb horsetail embroidery skills, won the "Guizhou Mingjiang" award. Today, Wei peach Sandu Shui Autonomous horsetail embroidery artwork Productions Ltd fame, orders continue. Her way with the company plus farmers, led thousands of aquarium embroidered mother employed.

"Two race" stands for "Colorful Guizhou Tourism Product Design Competition", "craftsmen Contest" and "tourism trade fairs Conference" started from 2006, have been held for seven sessions, so many Shi Liping, Wei peach ethnic Women in such wealth through hard work to achieve a dream.

Today, there are more and more around WEI peach girl sit Feizhenzouxian aquarium. Zhaimen had never produced, stand on the street will be lost embroidered mother, and now all of them are female artist. Guizhou Provincial Governor Chen Miner explicitly requires all levels of government departments to further promote Guizhou tourism commodities industry development and growth, as private enterprises, SMEs and craftsmen open up a broad space for development.